Steffi Seefeld



Steffi’s passion for yoga sparked nearly 10 years ago when she lived in the richly diverse, creative and edgy environment of Berlin, Germany. At first it was the stretching of the physical body that made her come back to yoga regularly. Then she realized what yoga really means, not just for the body but for the mind through the breath. Every day the breath teaches the mind to be present in the moment, to be calm, to be grounded and to stay connected to the Self. 

Motivated by longing more knowledge about the anatomy and mind-body connection, Steffi became a certified Vinyasa Yoga teacher (200hrs) in 2016 where she also deepened her meditation practice which she includes in her classes. She is also a specialized in yoga for cancer survivors. That specific type of yoga helps to manage the challenges of treatments as well as the side effects and life-long vulnerabilities they create.

Steffi lives her life full out and full speed, sharing her gift of unconditional love in service to every being she encounters, cherishing raw, authentic experiences, effortlessly inspiring others with her natural joy and compassion. In her class you will tap into energies that inform your body before the thoughts get in the way. One of her favorite quotes she likes to share with her students is from her teacher Tari Prinster: “Cancer took my breath away. Yoga gave it back to me.“