Kate Danta – Yoga Teacher

Kate Danta E-RYT 500 Kate first began practicing yoga at the age of 19 and has been a teacher for over 35 years. She received her first certification from The Harriman School of Yoga, located in Santa Monica, CA where she was trained in the style of Indra Devi Yoga. She studied with Rama [...]

Jennifer Fiallos – Yoga Teacher

www.eavanmcloughlinphotography.com Jenn is a cat mom and the owner of the most enthusiastic sweet tooth in San Diego (probably). She swears by gratitude, sweating it out and unleashing thy silly self. As she embraced the yogi within and became dedicated to her practice, it was like: BOOM. This is what life is supposed to be [...]

Naomi Angelina

Hello Hello beautiful starseeds, Naomi Angelina here. My practice started 10 years ago when I was pregnant with my son, Leo. At the time, I learned how important it was to take care of my body, I was growing human inside me!!!! what a gift. It was the beginning of a lifestyle change and an opening of my psyche. It was so [...]

Ken Helsel – Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Six years after my first Kundalini class, it’s a blast teaching at PB Yoga and health arts. Teaching has deepened my personal practice. I love preparing pranayama and meditations to go with Kriyas taught by Yogi Bhajan for my classes. It’s a blessing to be able to share the energetic healing of Kundalini Yoga with you. More... [...]

Michelle Anise Mackey – Yoga Teacher

    A student of the philosophy and practice of Yoga since 1996, I believe that the essence of yoga is the cultivation of mind-body awareness so as to deepen our connection to the innate intuitive wisdom within. Apart from over 2 decades of study and practice with various teachers and traditions, I have traveled to India [...]

Luisa Zavala – Yoga Teacher

Born in the mystic Perú, South América. As a Yoga Teacher, I am a healthy oriented person. Yoga is my life style. Respectful , tolerant and patient. I’m a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Biology Teacher, interested in Tai-Chi and Kung -Fu and anything that would help me to improve my knowledge of the wholeness of the human [...]

Sharon Wampler – Kundalini Yoga Teacher

      Sharon (aka Sat Kriya Kaur) is a recovering left-brained biotech scientist who committed to a life-changing yogic path in 2005. Prior to this time, she dabbled in yoga, meditation, and qigong/tai chi, but did not maintain a regular practice. Following several family deaths, major work stress and other life changes, she discovered Kundalini Yoga [...]

Julia Chase Yoga Teacher

Julia fell in love with yoga as a way to manage stress and feel more grounded. A long time student of the practice, she completed her 200hr RYT in vinyasa and is trained in yin as well. She is passionate about helping others find peace and empowerment on the mat, so that they can live their fullest [...]

Paul Moreno – Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Sat Nam. Paul began his yoga journey in 2009 at the local YMCA. He tried the many styles of yoga on offer, and found Kundalini Yoga to be his passion. Kundalini Yoga practice had a profound and positive impact on Paul’s life, bringing with it great challenges and growth opportunities. In 2015 he completed his Level 1 [...]

Madie Thomas Yoga Teacher & Pilates (mat) Instructor

Originally from Washington, I have been living in San Diego since I was about eight years old, staying active has been important to me my entire life so when I found yoga I was naturally interested. I signed up for a teacher training later that day and received my RYT 200 hour in vinyasa, hatha, restorative, and [...]

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