Nichole Gregory Marfo – Yoga Teacher

As a wife and mother of two beautiful daughters, I’ve found that yoga is my lifeline to keeping sane and balanced.  Coming back to the practice after straying from it several times finally ignited my desire to teach what I found to be my lifeline. I love being able to share in the opening and developing of [...]

Victoria Sallie – Yoga Teacher

      Victoria Sallie is a New York native turned San Diego resident with a passion for wellness. Victoria is certified with over 200 hours of training in vinyasa and yin yoga. She also comes from a dance background, having 10 plus years experience in multiple dance forms including ballet and modern. Victoria’s classes all focus [...]

Lea D. Yoga Teacher/Yoga Therapist

      Growing up with a mother who taught Yoga and Dance Therapy in her own studio, I always felt a strong connection to physical activity and its healing effects to the mind,  Experiencing a burnout at a very young age in my previous career made me step into her shoes. I graduated from my first [...]

Abhishek Sharma – Kundalini Yoga Teacher

      Abhishek Sharma lives by the calling “Giving is life”. He is a certified Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher with Kundalini Research Institute (KRI) and International Yoga Alliance. With over 8 years of Yoga experience, his classes will leave you feeling positive and closer to your vision. He also holds a degree in Biochemistry from [...]

Emily Perry – Kundalini Yoga Teacher

    Emily (Seva Bhagwati Kaur) has a passion for learning and growing, with yoga being one of her biggest teachers. She teaches from a place of compassion, giving her students experiences that allow them to tap into their highest potential and come back to the present moment. Her spiritual name, Seva Bhagwati Kaur, translates to Princess/lioness [...]

Alex Gabrielle – Yoga Teacher

      Alex is a yoga teacher, artist, musician, traveler, and lifelong student. She aims to hold space for anyone that wants or needs it with the intention to infuse creativity, inclusivity and self acceptance into each class. She seeks to revitalize and preserve the beginner’s mind, awakening the wisdom of the inner child living within [...]

Kate Danta – Yoga Teacher

Kate Danta E-RYT 500 Kate first began practicing yoga at the age of 19 and has been a teacher for over 35 years. She received her first certification from The Harriman School of Yoga, located in Santa Monica, CA where she was trained in the style of Indra Devi Yoga. She studied with Rama Berch, for over [...]

Katie Beamer – Yoga Teacher

      Katie’s intention for each class is to provide a safe space for others to explore their bodies through breath, mindful movement and self-love. As a registered Yoga teacher, Reiki practioner and wellness enthusiast, Katie is dedicated to guiding others in finding balance and inner peace in order to live their best life. Katie believes [...]

Luisa Zavala – Yoga Teacher

Born in the mystic Perú, South América. As a Yoga Teacher, I am a healthy oriented person. Yoga is my life style. Respectful , tolerant and patient. I’m a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Biology Teacher, interested in Tai-Chi and Kung -Fu and anything that would help me to improve my knowledge of the wholeness of the human [...]

Paul Moreno – Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Sat Nam. Paul began his yoga journey in 2009 at the local YMCA. He tried the many styles of yoga on offer, and found Kundalini Yoga to be his passion. Kundalini Yoga practice had a profound and positive impact on Paul’s life, bringing with it great challenges and growth opportunities. In 2015 he completed his Level 1 [...]

Stevie Naumann – Yoga Teacher

    Stevie is a dog loving, craft beer enthusiast, Southern California native. In 2008 she stumbled into her first yoga class and (as expected) she was hooked! Since then Stevie has earned the title of E-RYT (200), has racked up over 2000 hours of teaching, and received an additional prenatal yoga certification. Stevie’s playful and compassionate [...]

Jen Snyder – Yoga Teacher

    I stepped into my first yoga class at 28 and was instantly hooked. I continued immersing myself into the experience of each pose, cue and word of wisdom. Much like dancing or running, the poses allowed me to be expressive, cultivating a sense of wholeness. After many years of practicing with my instructor, Gerhard Gessner, [...]

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