Quantum Healing Therapy

 Joelle Nicole

Quantum Healing Therapy Practitioner

Joelle has been practicing Quantum Healing since 2006. She is affiliated with Dr. Kathy Forti-Trinfinity8.com.

She also offers Quantum Resonance Body Analyzer sessions in addition to Quantum Healing Therapy. Joelle understands algorithm explicitly and delights in transferring her knowledge to her clients through cutting edge healing technologies.

She is extremely dedicated to her practice and to her clientele. Being a Quantum Healing Therapy Practitioner is her Soul mission and she knows this deep within her heart. She fully embraces this gift by helping people to improve their physical, spiritual, and emotional well being.

Joelle is also a spiritual guide and artist.

You will find in Joelle a loving, kind, compassionate, calm, and balanced individual.

Contact Joelle at (631) 599-3941 or joellenicole10@yahoo.com.

Schedule an appointment at Pacific Beach Yoga and Healing Arts on Sundays from 9 AM to 6 PM.

In gratitude and light…

QUANTUM HEALING is choosing to alter our consciousness to access the Quantum field with an intention to create health of the mind, body and spirit. The mind-body connection at a subatomic level is changed by our awareness and can be used to promote the healing mechanism. By healing, I mean the absence of pain or negative emotions which gives rise to peace, joy and creativity in all our actions.