Charity Rahmer
Charity RahmerCharity began her love affair with yoga when she took her first Bekram class in 2002. She was obsessed with her routine work-outs but could not find balance in her daily routines. Bekram yoga became her new love affair and gave her balance, a healthier mind, body and spirit. She was hooked for life and found her self practicing almost everyday. Charity eventually started to practice Vinyasa Flow linking movement, breath, alignment, meditation and visualization. This started her journey of healing and empowerment. She eventually enrolled in a Yoga Teacher Training school at Core Power Yoga which is registered with Yoga Alliance and qualifies her for the 200 hour Yoga Alliance certification. Training involved cutting edge techniques such as anatomy study, cadaver labs, video review, and posture workshops which also provided a broad understanding of asana mechanics. She also explored a deeper mental and physical side of herself not covered in individual classes. Charity feels blessed to have come across the path of Yoga and wants to share that with others. Charity's class focuses on core strength, balance and flow. This Vinyassa style is done in a room temperature environment. Postures are broken down (demonstrated). She leads the flow at a deliberate pace with an emphasis on alignment and breath.

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